LT BOX –LECTURE TEST is especially for the students Answer sheet checking so all the students after completion of test they are just putting their answer sheet in their respective box so after words the checking should be done by faculties and regarding any problem the students go to the difficulty solution desk. It’s save the maximum time of the students so our institute believes in the TQM (Total Quality Management) concept.

Morning Prayer

All the morning start from the “THE GOD’S PRAYER”.


Dining Hall


Since we are a school which provides self study facility after school hours,Our Trust has establishted huge dining facility besides the school area.We provide hygienic food with well planned menu.More important is our Trustees,all teachers and staffers take the same food with the students.




Counseling Room

As per the need hierarchy theory or basic needs theory by greatest management personalities “Abraham Maslow” who gives the Human motivational theory in the world.

When the students has some kind of personal problem,fear related to subject,depression,lack of self confidence,negative thoughts etc .

So at the time of counseling we are motivating the student and solved the problem  ,here it creates the lots of basic instinct power in the student mind for exploring the opportunities in the competitive  world.







Class Room


Specious and air conditions classrooms equipped with public address system, LCD Projector and white board provide all state of the art facilities and environment for Teaching-Learning process.




Library and Nandigram[Self Study Area]

Gyanmanjari Vidyapith has 450 partially isolated self study tables in which 11-12(Sc.). students do their study during self study hours since this is a day school.


AS it is said that book’s are good “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” Gyanmanjari has rich menu of books served in the library that taste General knowledge, Science, Commerce, Computer , Newspaper,Journal,Periodicals etc. and many other valve educational books for all age group. There is a constant addition to this menu which keeps enhancing the taste called knowledge.


Library also keeps daily news papers for updating students that what’s going on in routine life.Novels are also very helpful to students in their routine life.This library is especially used by secondary school student.


 Computer Lab

Now –a-day’s computer has become a necessity for every child in today’s world. And this is what Gyanmanjari wants their students to growth with.
Computer in GM Bhavnagar is fun as we impart education, through interactive techniques using computer CD’s, LCD Projectors and Multimedia.

Our computer Aided learning infrastructure comprises more than 50 computers plus scanners, colour printers and whole multimedia kit. The LAN (local area network) connects every child with the other and also with the internet so that every child is able to access his/her own data from anywhere he/she is sitting.


Diffifulty Solution Special Desk


Sometimes student feel fear during the lecture and he is not able ask his query. so, to help students to come out of this fear and to get their queires solved,GYANMANJARI has specially designed one system calld Difficulty Solution Desk for the purpose of solution to each query. This would result in the growth and development of the students.




To create green  lush environment, we have  developed a huge garden within the school campus where students enjoy their recess time.




    we should keeping in a mind that practicals are the backbone to understand science.Gyanmanjari has facilitated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths under the  lab assistants.

      The school not only helps in the smooth functioning of the academic activities but also provides expertise guidance and adequate  laboratory facilities for the students’  bright future & development of various skills.


“Champions keep playing till get it the right.”  -    Billie Jean King


“Health is Wealth” & “  A healthy body leads to healthy mind” So Gyanmanjari provides extensive training and coaching in various sports like Athletics , Basketball , Cricket , Football , Kabaddi ,Kho-Kho,Volleyball,Table Tennis,Badminton,Chess,Caroms,Yoga,Karate, and Skating. Each of the above mentioned activities are under the guidance & expertise of qualified & experienced sport teachers.(Especially for primary and Secondary section)

Programme Stage

We have ample amount of stage to perform the activity for the student purpose, apart from the education the programmed, co-curricular activities is makes the matter in this era.



Reception,the place of information for any organization.GYANMANJARI VIDYAPITH is having well equipped desk where parents and children can contact any time during school hours. The receptionists are also very knowledgeable and responsible to provide solution to queries related to admission,coueses,school system, fees,administration etc.raised by parents and students.


Safety & Security


For the safety of the students the campus is covered with CCTV CAMERAS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER and well trained Security Staff.





We have large number of parking space for the purpose of students comfort and easiness to avoid the Aggravate of traffic.