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Gyanmanjari Vidyapith gave the record break result on the very first year with the mutual efforts of team work and management's strong self confidence though they had to face many initial obstacles. The institute is determined to give highest result every year with the management's efforts. This determination is only possible by the students with Power, Teaches precious guidance & Institute's emotional atmosphere. As the founders of this institute have been engaging in the education of science & technology for more them last twenty years, very minute care is being taken in this education temple. This creates emotional atmosphere among the students. In that way the students have the will power like Tapaswis is very natural and obvious.

Thus the tri source of will power, guidance & atmosphere will make the identity of the intimate every year.

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    અધિષ્ઠાનં તથા કર્તાકરણં ચ ૫ થગ્વિધમ,

    વિવિધાત્ય ૫ થકચેષ્ટા દૈવં ચૈવત્ર પંચમમ.

     - ભગવદ ગીતા

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