Vidyayagna is two days long orientation cum transformation programme to enable students to successfully tackle the challanges of 11-12(Science).It is fount that many students of SSC are not 'fit' for bright result of 11-12 Science and national level entrance test.We have experoenced that lifestyle and learning style both need transformation to succeed in 11-12 Science.

In  Vishishtha Vidyayagna , our founder trustee and physics advisor Shri Nakarani Sir addresses four 'Vidyasatra' Which elaborate all the  necessary facets for Art of Learning and Art of Living.We Believe that to succeed in such tough competitive exams, everyone should inculcate certain human values and regular learning and living style. It is very important programme organised uniquely by Gyanmanjari Vidyapith to bring about positive changes among students.




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